Boundary Electric specializes in the supply and repair of transformers of all types and sizes with a concentration on oil-filled and dry type transformers. We service clients around the globe in diverse industries such as oil and gas, lumber, resource mining, electrical utilities, and cryptocurrency.

We are the Western Canadian distributer for Howard Industries Transformers. The Power Solutions Division of Howard Industries is a leading provider of transformers and other major electrical power equipment, serving the needs of electric utilities and industrial/commercial customers world-wide. 

Our production facility is located on 13 acres of land in Grand Forks, BC and our team is highly experienced in the reconditioning of transformers. We have the expertise to take on any project that comes our way.

Our extensive connections with suppliers around the globe help us find the best price and quality remanufactured transformers on the market. Our team makes sure every remanufactured transformer that is sold is fully tested and inspected before it leaves our yard.

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